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Vanly Bucket List: 10 Must-Experience Moments on the Road

Discover unforgettable journeys with Vanly as we unveil the ultimate road trip bucket list, from starlit campsites to hidden gems.

By Willow @ Vanly

December 19th, 2023

A cozy campervan nestled in nature, under a sky ablaze with stars

So, you've got a set of wheels, a full tank of gas, and the open road beckoning you to new adventures. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or a first-time camper, the Vanly Bucket List is here to spark your wanderlust. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into 10 must-experience moments that will have you saying, "Why haven't I done this sooner?"

A campervan parked in a tranquil, secluded area, surrounded by nature, with a breathtaking night sky filled with stars overhead

1. Starlit Serenity: Sleep Beneath the Cosmos

Who needs a five-star hotel when you have the entire galaxy above you? Find a secluded spot, set up your campervan, and let the stars be your nightlight. Bonus points for spotting constellations from the comfort of your cozy bed.

2. Mountains & Chill: Wake Up to Majestic Peaks

Park your wheels at the base of a breathtaking mountain range and wake up to nature's grandeur. There's nothing like sipping your morning coffee with a view that gives you a serious case of jaw-drop syndrome.

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3. Desert Oasis: Sand, Sun, and Soul-Searching

Trade the city hustle for the serene solitude of a desert oasis. Picture endless dunes, warm sunshine, and the calming sound of the wind. It's a vibe, and your campervan is your ticket to this sandy sanctuary.

4. Coastal Crusade: Sunset Picnics by the Sea

There's something magical about the salty breeze and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Park your rig by the beach, enjoy a sunset picnic, and let the ocean waves sing you a lullaby.

5. Forest Retreat: Become One with Nature

Escape to the heart of the forest and let the trees be your only skyscrapers. Experience the symphony of rustling leaves and chirping birds as you revel in the tranquility that only nature can provide.

6. Off-the-Grid Bliss: Unplug and Recharge

Declare your independence from the digital world and find a spot off the grid. Embrace the blissful simplicity of no notifications, no emails—just you, your campervan, and the great outdoors.

7. Quirky Roadside Attractions: Where the Weird Wins

From the world's largest rubber band ball to a museum dedicated to potato chips, America's highways are a treasure trove of eccentricity. Plan your route to include some of these quirky roadside attractions—you won't regret it!

8. Small Town Charm: Explore the Unexplored

Detour from the beaten path and discover the charm of small towns. Engage with locals, savor regional delicacies, and collect stories to tell around your future campfires.

campervan parked on a sunflower fields

9. Sunflower Fields: Chase the Golden Glow

When summer rolls around, follow the sunflower bloom. Parking your campervan amidst a sea of golden petals is an experience that will infuse your soul with warmth and joy.

10. Starry-Eyed Roadside Diner: Dine with a Side of Nostalgia

Find a classic roadside diner under a star-studded sky. Enjoy a hearty meal, soak in the retro ambiance, and let the neon lights guide you to a night filled with good food and even better memories.

Wrapping Up the Vanly Bucket List Adventure

There you have it, fellow road tripper! The Vanly Bucket List is your passport to unforgettable moments on the road. So, pack your sense of adventure, hit the road, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy travels, and may your next parking spot be as epic as the journey itself!

Happy trails and high fives from your friends at Vanly! 🚐🌟

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