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How does Vanly work?

List Your Space

Listing your driveway or parking space on Vanly is completely free. You can set your price per night, add as many or as little amenities as you wish, add images and setup your calendar.

Keep Your Calendar Updated

It's really important for our hosts to keep their calendars updated. While you can always accept or deny any booking requests, it helps guests know which places are available and when.

Connect Your Bank Account

In order to receive payouts from Vanly, you will need to create a Stripe account. Stripe will allow you to transfer the money directly to your bank at any point.

Receive Your First Booking Request

Once you're all setup and ready to receive guests, you will be notified once you get a booking request. You'll know what vehicle the guest will be coming in and other information to help you decide whether to accept or deny the booking.

Receive Payout to Your Stripe Account

Congratulations! You're about to host your first guest. But wait. Payment! You will receive a payment on your Stripe account the day the guest checks-in.

Meet New Friends From Around The Country

It's completely up to you whether you decide to interact with the guest or not. If you decide to interact with the guest, we highly recommend you to follow our COVID-19 guidelines.

Time For Reviews

How was the guest? Were they great? Horrible? Either way, leaving a review will help both you and other hosts make their decisions in the future.

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