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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our fellow hosts and vanlifers is our top priority during this challenging time. As such, we have implemented a few ground rules, for both, to ensure everyone is staying safe yet still having fun and enjoying each other.

By Giulio Colleluori

August 1st, 2020


Meet safely while practicing physical distancing.

We feel this is key to making Vanly a safe platform for both campers and hosts. While you surely can still visit each other, interactions should always be done outside while being sure to keep at least 6-feet apart. If greeting your guest or host requires you to be closer than 6 feet or to be indoors for any reason, please wear a face mask for everyone's safety.

Staying Informed & Keeping You Up to Date.

We’re always monitoring what’s happening in the world and how it impacts our members. The COVID crisis is no exception. The latest recommendations from the CDC and WHO, along with local authorities where you travel, should be guiding your decisions now and into the season. Many areas are still actively discouraging outside visitors so as to ensure that new COVID cases are not introduced. There are also many states that requiring a 2-week quarantine if you are traveling from a state with high COVID cases. Please do whatever you can to make sure you are complying with the state and local laws you are traveling to.

Arriving Healthy.

We know you're already familiar with the practice, and at this point you've heard it way too much. But always wash your hands and try as much as possible to use hand sanitizer.

While it may seem obvious to not travel if you are not feeling well, it may not be top-of-mind to cancel your stay with your host. However, properly canceling your stay with your host is very important. It not only lets the host know that you will not be arriving, but it also opens the dates up for another guest who may need a safe place to park. This goes for hosts as well, if you feel sick please cancel your stay request. This will help ensure that everyone stays healthy.

Staying Healthy.

Make sure if you use or provide any hook ups for water to sanitize them before and after the use. If both guests and hosts do this it will help ensure that the area is sanitized properly before and after. The use of gloves will help when connecting and disconnecting as well.

Avoid being in close promixity.

This may not apply to all host locations but if you are renting a driveway or a space close to your house, make sure there is ample room for movement for you and your guest without coming into 6-feet of each other.

If you have specific guidelines for guests, please update your listing description.

Every host is going to be different, which could be based on the area they are in or on their own personal health concerns. If you have specific guidelines you would like your guests to honor while they visit, please include them in your profile or be sure to communicate it to them in your message.

Do what makes you feel the safest.

If you are a host and just do not feel safe accepting guests during this time, it's absolutely fine. As always, you can accept or decline any guest for any reason. You can temporarily block dates off on your calendar, deactivate your listing or just decline guests as you receive a request. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. As a guest, if you are uncertain about staying at a host location, please ask them when requesting the stay if they are practicing social distancing and/or wearing a mask.

We all can't wait to get out there and start traveling again, and we want to continue offering our great service in a healthy and safe way. Our members mean a lot to us and we're so happy that we can provide a safe way to camp and travel during this time.

Stay safe and healthy.

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