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Vanly App Tips!

After a long wait, we’re excited to finally launch our mobile app on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of it!

By Giulio Colleluori

October 1st, 2021

girl with phone

When we first started Vanly, we debated whether to start with a website or an app. As you probably already know if you’re reading this blog post, we started with a website. That was in order to make Vanly accessible to most people - and it worked, kind of. So many of you asked for an app, and so we listened. Today, we’re excited to announce the Vanly mobile app is here! So what are you waiting for? Go download it today!  Here’s a couple of tips to get the most out of the app:

1. Enable push notifications, disable text notifications

Until now, the best way to get notified regarding new messages, Vanly bookings, and everything in between, was to enable text notifications. But let’s be honest, those are kind of intrusive and annoying. Unfortunately, until now, that was our best bet. Now, however, you can disable text notifications and enable push notifications after downloading the app to never miss a Vanly update again. You can do so by navigating to your profile settings and edit the notifications settings.

vanly app notifications

2. Allow location sharing to find listings around you

Your location allows us to find and suggest Vanly listings around you as well as suggest popular destinations near your area. Allow location sharing to never miss a great listing or inspiration for your next stop on your road trip.

vanly home

3. Complete your profile

If you haven’t yet, complete your profile by verifying your phone number, adding a short bio, and entering all the rest of your profile information so that if you’re making a booking or have a listing people can learn more about you prior to interacting on Vanly.


4. Leave Feedback

See something that doesn’t seem to work quite right? Or maybe something we could improve upon? Or just want to let us know how you feel about the app? Let us know at feedback@vanly.app and we promise we’ll try our best to make it right!

vanly feedback

We’re beyond excited for everyone to try out the first version of our mobile app and get some initial feedback. We think our app will make the process of booking a spot or managing a listing on Vanly much smoother and more intuitive. Yes, it did take a while, but it’s here now and we can’t wait for you to try it out!

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