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Vanlife With Kids

Vanlife is a freeing experience. The open road leads to so many destinations and allows you to easily enjoy nature, see sights and be present. Also, you can save some money! Rather than staying at hotels or resorts, you can build a sanctuary in your van. Many people ask if it is possible to vanlife with kids. The answer is yes. Many couples have proven that is possible to do vanlife with kids. Whether you are a full-time vanlife family or a weekend warrior, you and your kids can experience vanlife and all the benefits that come with it. 

By Sam Mohun

June 1st, 2022


Travel Is Education 

What is better than taking a trip to historical sites or seeing the geography with your own eyes. Immersive hands-on education has always taught me the most. With every day being a field trip you and your kids can enjoy the wonders of nature learning by the riverside. Traveling with kids requires more preparation but with the right set up you can travel with ease.  


Building Your Van

To make sure you and your kids have the best experience in your van you must make sure you are organized, minimalist, and creative. Custom builds are great for families that are going to use their van for extended periods of time and long trips. Knowing what you want in your van and what you are going to do will help dictate your build. There are so many videos you can find that show cool life hacks for kids in vans. I recommend taking a short trip before you go on an extensive journey and taking notes of all the things you would want to bring. Once you finish the build pack tight and you are ready to hit the road. 



Finding a safe place to stay in your van is essential to enjoying vanlife. You want to be in a place where you feel comfortable sleeping for the night. Vanly is an app that connects van travelers with hosts that rent out their driveways and extra space by the night. If you are looking for a place with amenities after roughing it in a National Forrest, Vanly can connect you with a friendly host. People offer amenities like a hot tub, pool, pet play space, and a hot shower. 


The freedom of vanlife comes with effort and patience, but it is a long road and it is about the journey, not the destination. Vanlife kids can learn many lessons from traveling and parents can save a little money along the way. There will be trials and tribulations but with the right mindset, you can have a great experience traveling with your kids in a van. 

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