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Vanlife Winter Destinations

Winter is upon us, Here are some of our favorite winter destinations on Vanly! Now is the time to hop in your van and get a taste of the powder at some of these sweet destinations.

By Sam Mohun

February 27th, 2022

ski, camp, life is good


big bear
Big Bear/Running Springs, CA

Check out the Vanly Space Forested Flat Lot With A View close to big bear, located in Running Springs CA. You can find great skiing in southern California and a safe place to park on Vanly.


Steamboat, CO.

Check out our Vanly Spot in Steamboat Co. which is close to great Ski Resorts and has a small fenced area for pet play space. Colorado is known for some of the best powder in the whole world.


Salt Lake City, UT.

Check out the Perfect Spot For Experiencing The Wasatch Mountains located in the outskirts of Salt Lake City. This spot is just a short drive from 4 different ski resorts. Explore the beautiful canyons of Utah and find magic on the mountain.


Bend, OR.

Check out the West Side Bungalow & Art Studio on Vanly in Bend Oregon. Bend is about 20 minutes from ski resorts and other awesome winter activities. Check out the beautiful destinations Bend Oregon has to offer.


Trout Lake, WA.

Check out the Cave Creek Farm if you are going to go skiing in Washington. This is a great place to relax and enjoy nature on your way to the slopes. Enjoy the hot tub, shower, laundry, kitchen, and pet play space at this little boutique bee farm and Vanly site.

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