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Seven #vanlife Essentials You Need to Know About

Your Vanlife experiences are in your hands, and we want to empower you even further by breaking down the essentials you absolutely need to assure that your adventure is as smooth as possible.

By Edin Ibrahimovic

May 27th, 2021

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You just bought a van, and you’re now likely contemplating what is really necessary, or essential, to actually live and travel comfortably in it. When you think of living comfortably, everyone has a different version or lens as to what is essential to reach that state. Although, when it comes to van living, the list of essentials is commonly agreed upon by the majority of vanlifers, and we want you to be in the loop as to what is on that very list. And just as a reminder, how these essentials come into fruition for you can rely upon the type of space you are working with and the budget you are rolling on.

1. Camping Stove

Let's be honest, if you’re hungry you’re not going to enjoy any of the great perks of the nomadic lifestyle. Fast food and eating out can be an easy answer to your hungry stomach while traveling. However, having a stove in your van allows you to have hot and healthier meals wherever you go. We think that there is nothing better than being able to wake up in your van, in a new place, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and warm breakfast while you enjoy the sunrise. 

Vanlife cooking

2. Portable Shower

There is no doubt that keeping clean can be a challenge when you’re living on the road. Travel means adventure, and both inevitably come with long days full of sweat, dirt, and experiences you’ll never forget, and that’s half the fun. When you have a portable shower along for the ride, you can hold onto your experiences, and rinse away the sweat and dirt of the day. The best asset that this portable shower has is that it doesn’t act as a complete washroom inside your van home, which ultimately saves you a ton of space and money, while being able to effectively get the job done and keep you and your van clean.


3. Collapsible Items

Space is of the essence when you’re living in your van, and assuring you have everything you need to be comfortable on the road can certainly take up loads of room, leaving you with little elbow room. Collapsible items, whether it be a laundry basket, trashcan, chairs, bed, table, and anything else you can conjure up in your thoughts, means more free space for your body, and less clutter in your mind. Your physical space is a reflection of your mind space, so keeping your van organized and spacious is essential.  


4. Portable Speaker

Depending on what you're in the mood for, you might queue up some music or tune into a podcast while you’re driving through a city or in park looking over a beautiful landscape. According to experts across the board, turning on a narrative podcast or listening to music can inspire your mind to light up, and can release chemicals in the brain that create a feel-good state. 


5. Emergency Kits

Imagine you are driving down a majestic dirt road in the middle of a dense forest, and all of sudden, POP, your tire is out for the count. But you have nothing to worry about because you have an emergency tire kit in the back. Now imagine you finally get to your destination and now you are hiking, and on your hike you scrape your knee on an unapologetic rock. Again, no worries because you know you have an emergency first-aid kit back in the van. Anything can happen on an adventure, and we want to make sure you are prepared for anything and everything. When arm your van with kits that are fully equipped, your obstacles will be small, and your adventure will live larger. 

emergency kit

6. Solar Power Kit

If you are thinking of your van as a long-term or life-time living situation, solar panels are going to be your best friend! It’s a cost-effective means of power, and the sun is a resource that is pretty much inexhaustible, even during the cold winter months, the sun will shine. Plus, it’s clean, quiet, and it is good for our planet.

solar panels

7. Water Filters

As you probably should know by now, water is another clear essential for life, comprising around 60% of our body weight. Without it.. well let’s just say it’s good to stay hydrated. But if water is not treated, or purified, properly, it can make you very sick. Having a water purification system on board your van will make your water safer, cleaner, clearer, and better tasting. A water filter will also eliminate the inconvenience and hassle of buying bottled water, and will ultimately improve your health, hydration and energy levels. 


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