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The Ultimate Vanlife Calendar for 2024

Plan your dream van adventures with our curated calendar for 2024 and create unforgettable moments for your RV adventures!

By Willow @ Vanly

November 12th, 2023

A cozy campervan nestled in a scenic spot with breathtaking mountain views

In the ever-evolving world of vanlife, each year brings new opportunities for exploration and connection. As 2024 unfolds, Vanly is thrilled to present "The Ultimate Vanlife Calendar," a curated guide to the most exciting destinations and events that will shape your vanlife adventures throughout the year.

To make sure you don't miss any of these amazing gatherings, we've made a Google Calendar with all of them that you can easily import to your own calendar by clicking here.

Winter Vanlife Events ❄️

Escape the winter chill by heading south to Xscapers Annual Bash for delightful vanlife adventures. If you’ve never been to an Xscapers Annual Bash, you’re in for a surprise!

Campervan silhouette against a vibrant winter sunset

Xscapers Annual Bash

When: January 14-22

Where: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Cost: $350 standard ticket, $325 small RV standard ticket, $50 extra adult and $25 kid

The Xscapers Annual Bash offers a unique and lively experience distinct from traditional RV rallies. Mornings kick off with diverse activities such as yoga, fitness classes, and sports. Community-led seminars cover essential RV life topics like boondocking, solar power, and remote work. As the day transitions to night, the event transforms into a vibrant party featuring dancing, live bands, the Xscapers Olympics, and food and drink competitions. Themed nights, craft brews, local food trucks, and opportunities to connect with like-minded RVers make this event a week-long celebration of fun and camaraderie.

VanFest 2024

When: January 26-29 

Where: Viera, Florida

Cost: $120 camping and $10 general admission (50% early bird discount)

Escape the winter blues and rev up your vanlife vibes at VanFest near the Surf Capital of the East Coast. Bask in the Florida sun while exploring custom converted rigs, grooving to live music, and indulging in delicious local food truck delights. From contests and workshops to unlimited tours of inventive builds, this family-friendly event caters to both full-time road warriors and those merely curious about the vanlife scene. Forge connections with fellow nomads, soak in the sun-soaked atmosphere, and let the magic of VanFest transport you to a world where sun, fun, and vans collide!

Escapar a la Baja

When: January 31-February 5

Where: Playa El Tecolote, Baja California

Cost: FREE – $50 suggested donation, RSVP required

If you're craving some sun and sand during the winter, consider heading south to Baja California for an incredible vanlife gathering. Hosted by The Journey of Life Tribe (TJOLT), a community of nomads who travel together and share their adventures, this six-day event welcomes all types of vehicles and travelers. Set up camp on the beach, indulge in live music, yoga, workshops, bonfires, potlucks, and more. Explore the stunning surroundings of La Paz, from snorkeling with whale sharks to visiting Isla Espiritu Santo. To participate, simply RSVP on their website and adhere to their rules and guidelines.

Peace, Love & Vans Florida

When: February 16-19

Where: Withlacoochee River Park – Dade City, Florida

Cost: $15 day pass, $159-$299 weekend pass with camping, $10 pet pass

In its inaugural year, the event transformed into a vibrant community of groovy individuals, blending vanlifers and the van-curious into a memorable weekend at the Tiny Village. The profound sense of connection and camaraderie prompted a name change to "Peace Love & Vans Florida." This gathering has evolved into one of the Southeast's premier camper van events, marked by rapidly selling tickets and sold-out campgrounds. Whether you're a seasoned vanlifer or just curious about the lifestyle, this unique event promises hundreds of camper vans, live music, workshops, van tours, DIY build contests, and much more. Don't miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary experience!

Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo

When: March 1-3

Where: The Florida international Rally & Motorsport Park Starke, FL

Cost: $100 weekend camping pass, $142.50 weekend camping pass with offroad or obstacle bundle and $60 weekend camping pass (moto only)

Join the off-road circus at the Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo – where overlanding dreams come true! Marvel at the latest wheels, gear up with adventure accessories, and dive into educational classes that make you an off-road Einstein. Prove your mettle on the obstacle course or hit the off-road trail, then refuel at food trucks that turn cravings into conquests. And hey, did we mention the raffles? It's not just an expo; it's off-roading's greatest show on Earth!

TinyFest - San Diego

When: March 16-17

Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds – Del Mar, California

Cost: $20 weekend pass, $47-$87 VIP Tour pass, 15 and under Free

TinyFest is hitting the road with TinyFest San Diego 2024 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, offering a two-day celebration for those who cherish relationships, experiences, sustainability, and the freedom to pursue passions. The event features home tours, live music, and more, creating an ideal environment for tiny living enthusiasts. If San Diego isn't on your map, keep an eye out for TinyFest on tour in 2024, bringing the tiny house experience to various locations throughout the year. Don't miss the chance to explore compact living and discover a world of possibilities!

A Roam of Our Own

When: March 21-24

Where: Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park – La Quinta, California

Cost: TBA

Hey, van life-loving ladies! The Journal of Lost Time is throwing its inaugural woman-only van life gathering in Southern California. Your ticket not only scores you a camping spot but also grants access to park toilets and showers. Hurry up because this event can host 200 attendees, so snag your ticket before they vanish!

Spring Vanlife Events 🌸

Spring calls for some incredible skiing and snowboarding action on the slopes. RendezVan at Mt. Bachelor has it all where live music, food trucks, contests, and more await. And let's not forget the breathtaking mountain scenery and pristine powder that surround you. It's the ideal setup for a memorable snow-filled experience!

campervan on spring

Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally - Tucson

When: April 4-7

Where: Tucson, Arizona

Cost: $250 per vehicle and $100 motorcycle registration

Rev up for the ultimate adventure at the Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally – the rendezvous for van lifers, overlanders, adventure motorcyclists, and mountain bikers! Dive into community workshops, get your Sprinter savvy with professional training, explore vendor wonders, and swap tales by the fire. It's not just an event; it's where wheels meet wanderlust in Tucson, Arizona. Pack your vehicle, and let the adventure begin!

Weird Wild West

When: April 18-24

Where: Bisbee, Arizona

Cost: $30 General Admission, $60 per camping spot

Join us for the second annual gathering of The Weird Wild West in the picturesque setting of Bisbee, AZ, described by the hosts as "Mayberry on Acid." Embrace the creative and free-spirited atmosphere of this event alongside fellow vanlifers. It's a chance to let loose, have fun, and embrace the eccentricity of the experience. Secure your tickets now for a wild ride in Bisbee, AZ where the Weird Wild West awaits!

RendezVan Mt. Bachelor (Wait for the updates)

When: May 2-5

Where: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Cost: TBA

For enthusiasts of skiing or snowboarding, the RendezVan event at Mt. Bachelor ski resort is a must-not-miss. This five-day celebration of spring on the slopes features live music, food trucks, a beer garden, games, contests, and more. Accommodations are available at designated parking lots with amenities like restrooms, showers, water fill-up stations, trash disposal, Wi-Fi, charging stations, and shuttle service. Booking your camping spot online also grants you discounted lift tickets. To participate in this event, registration is required on their website once tickets become available.

Overland Expo - West

When: May 17-19

Where: Tuthill Country Park, Arizona

Cost: $335 Vehicle - Premium Weekend Pass with Camping, $235 Vehicle - Weekend Pass with Large Campsite, $235 Vehicle - General Admission Weekend Pass with Camping

Overland Expo: Where land, sea, and air enthusiasts collide! Dive into a world of hundreds of exhibitors, workshops, and experts showcasing all things overlanding. Camp on-site or nearby, revel in amenities, and soak up the wisdom from classes on vehicle prep, camping gear, photography, and more. It's not just an expo; it's an overland adventure with live entertainment, raffles, contests, and social shenanigans!

NorthWoods Überländer (Wait for the updates)

When: TBA

Where: Mt. Telemark Village – Cable, Wisconsin

Cost: TBA

Wisconsin's virgin voyage into van life, courtesy of NoWhereVans, was a rollicking ride paired with the Epic Bike Fest. Vans on display, live music echoing through the air, gravel races – it was basically the Woodstock of wheels. The 2024 Wisconsin van life fiesta? Stay tuned, folks! The organizers are brewing up something epic, so keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter of wheeled wonders!

Adventure Van Expo – Hood River (Wait for the Updates)

When: June 22-23

Where: Hood River, OR

Cost: TBA

AVE Hood River is your one-stop-shop for van life bliss! With 50+ vendors, a symphony of live music, the finest local brews, and a van parade that'll make your wheels spin, it's the ultimate wheeled wonderland.

Wind River Rally

When: June 20-24

Where: Wind River Country, Wyoming

Cost: TBA

Get ready for the Wind River Rally – a four-day shindig smack dab in the heart of Wyoming that's packing more excitement than a squirrel in a coffee shop. Hosted by The Journal of Lost Time, this extravaganza serves up outdoor adventures like climbing, hot air balloon rides, and live music that'll have you dancing like no one's watching. The views of snowcapped mountains are so jaw-dropping, they make your morning coffee seem bland. It's an open invitation for all campers – whether you roll in with a skoolie, van, truck, or just pitch a tent, this is your ticket to explore, connect, and make Mother Nature your new BFF!

Overland Expo – PNW

When: June 28-30

Where: Redmond, OR

Cost: $285 Vehicle - Premium Weekend Pass with Camping, $185 Vehicle - General Admission Weekend Pass with Camping

Overland Expo – where adventure isn't a hobby; it's a lifestyle! Dive into classes taught by the Jedi Masters of overlanding, while our trade show hooks you up with gear that screams, "Let's roll!" Get outfitted, trained, inspired, and finally, get going on your epic journey. Whether you're paddling in crystal-clear waters, sipping a cold one, or conquering frosty terrain in snowshoes, Bend turns every moment into an awe-inspiring saga. Join the expo that transforms wanderlust into a way of life!

Summer Vanlife Events ☀️

Gear up for the ultimate summer escapade at Holy Toledo – the go-to destination for overlanding enthusiasts and vanlifers. Packed with hundreds of exhibitors, workshops, and entertainment, it's the hottest ticket for adventure seekers. Don't miss out on the thrill!

Vibrant campervan parked under the summer sun

Holy Toledo!

When: July 18-22

Where: Toledo, Oregon

Cost: TBA

Get ready to roll into van life paradise at Holy Toledo – the three-day extravaganza nestled on the gorgeous Yaquina River in Toledo, Oregon. It doesn't matter if you're a van life veteran or a four-wheeled newbie; this shindig is your golden ticket to mingle with fellow road warriors while Oregon shows off its scenic A-game. The deets on costs and all that jazz? Stay tuned; we're cooking up the perfect road trip recipe for you!

Adventure Van Expo - Colorado (Wait for the updates)

When: July 27-28

Where: Buchanan Park Recreation Center – Evergreen, Colorado

Cost: TBA

Get ready to rock the Rockies at the two-day van life shindig in Colorado's Buchanan Park Recreation Center! It's where vans become VIPs, and the mountains are your playground. Check out their website for the ticket pass to all the deets.

CampNation Expo (Wait for the updates)

When: TBA

Where: TBA

Cost: TBA

Gear up for the ultimate camping extravaganza at CampNation Expo – where all camping tribes unite! RVs, trailers, tents, and adventure vans – everyone's invited to the outdoor fiesta. From workshops to vendor wonders and a gear swap meet, it's a weekend where camping dreams come true. Dates? Stay tuned; it's the surprise twist to our outdoor tale!

Fall Vanlife Events 🍂

Chase the fall vibes to VanWILD, the ultimate three-day van-tastic adventure! Nestled in the scenic Uncompahgre Valley, just south of Montrose, Colorado, it's not just camping – it's a full-on play extravaganza. Join the leaf-turning fun!

Campervan surrounded by vibrant autumn foliage

VanWILD (Wait for the updates)

When: September 19-22

Where: Montrose, CO

Cost: $500 General Admission

Get ready to unleash your wild side at VanWILD – the ultimate three-day van-tastic adventure! Forget parking lot expos; this is a camp-and-play extravaganza in the stunning Uncompahgre Valley, just south of Montrose, Colorado. From off-road thrills to fly fishing and wine tasting, it's the van weekend dreams are made of. Stay tuned for dates because this is no ordinary weekend; it's where vans and memories collide!

Adventure Van Expo - Tahoe (Wait for the updates)

When: September 14-15

Where: Olympic Valley, CA

Cost: TBA

Gear up for two days of van life and adventure as the Adventure Van Expo hits Tahoe! Discover van builders, top-notch conversion van products, a DIY van competition, scrumptious food trucks, local brews, and live music. Whether you're craving vanlife camaraderie or seeking a family-friendly day out, the Adventure Van Expo has your back.

Vanarky Fall Campout (Wait for the updates)

Where: TBA

When: Byrd’s Adventure Center- Ozark, Arkansas

Cost: TBA

Get ready for the ultimate van-tastic adventure at Vanarky in the Ozarks Fall Campouts! A weekend packed with workshops, river rock skipping, dance-offs, live music, and more awaits. Whether you roll in a van, skoolie, tent, or anything in between, it's a party by the river you won't want to miss. No van? No problem! Everyone's welcome, because at Vanarky, it's all about the camping vibes and making new friends!

Open Roads Fest (Wait for the updates)

When: TBA

Where: Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall, Idaho

Cost: TBA

Join the adventure fiesta at Open Roads Fest, brought to you by Kristen Bor, the mastermind behind Bearfoot Theory. Set against the stunning backdrop of Jug Mountain Ranch in McCall, Idaho, it's not just about vehicles; it's a rendezvous of epic trails, open spaces, and creek-side coolness.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

When: October 5-13

Where: Albuquerque, NM

Cost: TBA

Prepare for a sky-painted spectacle at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – where the world's largest hot-air balloon festival takes flight! Picture hundreds of balloons from across the globe soaring over the Rio Grande Valley, creating a colorful dance in the sky at dawn and dusk. It's not just about balloons; it's a fiesta with live music, tasty treats, and sips to lift your spirits. Dive into the festivities with balloon rides, chainsaw carving, and laser light shows – because here, we don't just reach for the sky; we own it!


When: October 10-14

Where: Sky View, NM

Cost: TBA

Wrap up the season with a cosmic bang at Moonlanding, hosted by The Journal of Lost Time! Brace yourself for the Van Olympics, dog-friendly yoga, dance-offs, spontaneous tattoos, vegan cook-offs, Navajo talks, pottery lessons, and a whole universe of more. It's a weekend rendezvous with fellow wanderers – because at Moonlanding, we're not just exploring the Earth; we're expanding our horizons.

Adventure Van Expo - Big Bear (Wait for the updates)

When: October 19-20

Where: Big Bear Lake, CA

Cost: TBA

Wrap up the Adventure Van Expo 2023 tour in style at Big Bear, California – where the van life and overlanding communities unite, and entry is on the house! Explore over 50 vendors showcasing the latest camper van products, chat with builders and seasoned vanlifers, and groove to live music with a side of local beer. It's not just an expo; it's your ticket to roll into the good times. Don't miss out!

Adventure Van Expo - Ventura (Wait for the updates)

When: October 26-27

Where: Ventura, CA

Cost: TBA

Explore the Adventure Van Expo, showcasing primarily Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 rigs, along with a variety of accessories and more. Engage with builders, connect with fellow vanlifers, and discover unique craftsmanship and innovations. Browse vendor booths offering accessories for your van or rig, and attend informative talks covering topics like solar energy. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and network within the vanlife community.

Alright, road warriors, the ultimate vanlife party is just a click away! Import our Vanly Calendar 2024 into your Google Calendar, and let the good times roll.

Ready for beach vibes, snowy slopes, off-road thrills, or DIY van magic? We've got the 411 on the coolest events of 2024. It's not just about the destinations; it's a chance to make pals, pick up new tricks, and just have a blast on wheels.

Got your eye on these events or planning your own van escapade? Don't forget to snag the Vanly app – your ticket to sweet parking spots on private lands. Driveways, farms, vineyards – take your pick. Plus, amenities galore: water, power, Wi-Fi, showers – it's like vanlife royalty!

So, toss in your essentials, gas up the van, and let's make 2024 the year of epic van adventures. Catch you on the flip side! 🚐✨

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