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7 Tips for WFR (Working from the Road)

The most amazing benefit of working remotely is the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Working remotely comes with beautiful rewards as well as challenges, so think of this as your guide to perfecting your work craft and space while on the road.

By Edin Ibrahimovic

June 1st, 2021


1. Create a Dedicated Workspace

If you are working remotely from your van-home, motivation can be influenced by the comfortability and availability of the things around you, for example, your bed, lighting, and a flat surface for your laptop! One thing you can do to assure productivity is to create a space that is dedicated to your work, where you can easily dial in and focus on the task at hand. 


2. Work-Life Balance: Time Management

While flexibility is one of the luxuries of travel, it can also be hurtful to your business. It is important to plan carefully to ensure that you have enough time at each of your destinations to accommodate both business and pleasure! Another way you can embrace time management is by having a digital planner or physical planner full of all your important tasks and deadlines. There are a few apps that can assist you, such as Asana, Trello, and Monday, which are all very similar. They each are equipped with a checklist feature that can be checked off as each task is completed. With these strategies in your pocket, you can plan out both work and play, bringing a sense of fulfillment and balance to your remote-work and travel lifestyle. 

time management

3.  Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

The world around us at times can get really loud and become entirely distracting. Busy city traffic, roaring winds, or even the people you might be traveling with. When you pop on a set of noise cancelling headphones or earbuds, however, suddenly the world around you disappears and all that matters is you tackling your work and in a flow. 


4. Laptop Stand 

Let’s get ergonomic! A laptop stand is an essential addition to your remote work, as it can easily adjust your laptop to meet your exact gaze, eliminating any annoying head tilts and neck kinks. Versatility in workplaces becomes more available with a laptop stand as it is portable so you can move about wherever you please, even outside!  

laptop stand

5. Stay Connected… to WIFI

There are many ways to stay connected to the internet while on the move. The easiest and most cost-effective method for accessing the internet as a vanlifer is via your cell phone data plan. Smartphones have a hotspot capability that allows you to tether electronic devices to your phone. This utilizes the phone’s data plan as the internet for your other devices. It doesn’t cost you anything beyond what you normally pay each month, and anywhere you have service you can get online access with your computer. With this modem, you can purchase an unlimited data plan to assure your accessibility. Another option is to purchase a mobile hotspot device, which is a small, external device that

6. Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you’re sick of trying to connect to the internet and seeing only 2 signal bars, you need to pick up a range extender. This is a tiny device that you can plug into the wall, and once you set it up to connect to WIFI wherever you are located, it can extend the signal by up to 3X.  Some call this magic! 


7. Surge Protector, Multi-Plug, & Powerbank

There are simply never enough plugins. Not only that but there are also unreliable outlets all around the world where power surges can quickly destroy your electronics. A good surge protector and multi-plug is an essential item for any remote office. And keep in mind, no matter how many power outlets there are, there can always be outages or places that get too busy to plug into, which is why a power bank is essential to working remotely. 


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