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A Road Less Traveled: Planning the Ultimate Father's Day RV Trip

Surprise your Dad with an unforgettable Father's Day gift - an RV road trip curated just for him!

By Ringo

May 17th, 2023

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So, you've given Dad enough socks and ties to last him a lifetime, and now you're wracking your brains for a unique Father's Day gift. Well, how about going on an RV road trip tailored just for him? Guaranteed, it's the kind of present that won't be relegated to the back of a closet. Strap in, and let's get planning!

Destination, Oh Sweet Destination 🌍

You've seen him do it on family vacations, steering confidently while singing out of tune to the radio. And let's be honest, half the joy of an RV trip is the driving itself. So, the first step is to pick a destination. What's the perfect backdrop for your dad karaoke? Is he a beach bum who dreams of waking up to ocean views? Does he fancy himself a Bear Grylls, craving the quiet and thrill of a forest or a mountain range? Or perhaps he's a culture vulture, keen on exploring historic towns and buzzing cities. And if he can't decide - no problem! With the freedom an RV provides, why not aim for all three?

Making Your (Mark) Stops 📍

Now, this isn't just an A-to-B kind of journey; it's about the stops along the way. Picture the look on your dad's face as he rounds a corner to a surprise view of the Grand Canyon, or imagine his delight when he realizes you've planned a detour to that tiny brewery he always wanted to visit. Mix in a couple of nature trails, some photo ops at quirky roadside attractions, and pit stops at local diners serving mouth-watering grub, and you've got a Father's Day road trip worthy of legend status.

The Art of Surprise ✨

While you're planning, why not weave in a few surprises? Think about what would make Dad's heart skip a beat. Perhaps it's a nostalgic visit to his old college town or his favorite childhood vacation spot. Maybe it's a surprise fishing trip at a quiet lake, or even a pre-planned rendezvous with old friends or family. If you've got a real trick up your sleeve, it could be an unplanned stop at a blues concert if he's a music aficionado, or a pit stop at that little-known comic book shop for the geek-at-heart dad. This road trip is your canvas; paint it with personalized strokes of love for Dad.

No Trip-ups on This Trip 🚐

Before you fire up the engine and roll out, don't forget the essential: safety checks. Give your chariot a once-over - you know, tires, engine, brakes, and the whole shebang. Run through your camping gear and pack a first aid kit (packed with Band-Aids for those 'kitchen mishaps'). Remember, this is a feel-good journey, and nothing kills a good vibe faster than a preventable hiccup.

Now, Let’s Talk Accommodation (With a Twist) 🌳

Through Vanly, you can book a safe and scenic parking spot for each night of your journey. Think of it as a 5-star hotel with million-dollar views, but without the million-dollar price tag. Plus, it's a way to guarantee Dad's peace of mind – because let’s face it, he's going to be the one worrying about where to park the RV for the night.

As you can see, planning the ultimate Father's Day RV trip involves a mix of safety, surprises, and some solid common sense. It might be a little more effort than buying a new set of golf clubs or a fancy whiskey decanter (again), but trust us, the memories you'll create will be worth

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