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Wanderglade: The Next Frontier in Digital Detox and Nature Retreats

From Van Life to Forest Life: Discover How Wanderglade is Reinventing the Art of Unplugging

By Giulio Colleluori

June 1st, 2024


In the world of Vanly, we’ve always known that the open road leads to freedom. But what happens when the journey itself becomes cluttered with digital noise? Enter Wanderglade - our answer to the growing need for true disconnection in nature.

The Vanly Journey: More Than Just Parking

When we started Vanly, our motto was “Home is where you park it.” We set out to create urban oases for vanlifers – safe havens where you could not only park but also disconnect from the constant motion of life on the road. Whether it was a quiet driveway to catch up on sleep, a backyard to do your laundry, or a friendly host offering a warm shower, Vanly became a way to pause and recharge.

Little did we know, this mission of creating moments of disconnection would evolve into something much bigger.

Vanly Team

The Birth of Wanderglade: Taking Disconnection to the Next Level

Wanderglade is our new platform, born from the lessons and love we’ve cultivated through Vanly. It’s all about helping people disconnect to reconnect – not just from the road, but from the digital chaos of everyday life.

Here’s how it happened:

  • The Outdoor Connection: Building Vanly taught us how much we love the outdoors and the incredible community of nature enthusiasts out there. You van lifers showed us the true value of unplugging and embracing the natural world.

  • Marketplace Mastery: Vanly was our crash course in building a marketplace. We learned how to connect people, build trust, and create value on both sides of the platform. Wanderglade is the next evolution of this expertise.

  • Urban Oasis to Natural Haven: While Vanly created moments of respite in urban settings, Wanderglade is taking it a step further. We’re curating entire experiences in nature, where you can truly disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with yourself and others.


The Wanderglade Vision: Disconnect to Reconnect

Imagine this: You’ve been on the road for weeks, hopping from one Vanly spot to another. It’s been an incredible journey, but now you’re craving a deeper disconnection. That’s where Wanderglade comes in.

We’re creating a platform that allows you to book unique, off-grid stays in nature. Think secluded cabins, treehouses, and eco-retreats – places where the Wi-Fi is weak, but the connection to nature is strong.

Why Wanderglade, Why Now?

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re telling us it’s time to unplug:

  • 66% of Americans feel “addicted” to their devices

  • The average person spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone (That’s 2,007 hours a year - you could have climbed Everest twice!)

  • Searches for “digital detox retreats” have increased by 42% year-over-year

You, our Vanly community, were the early adopters of this disconnection movement. Now, with Wanderglade, we’re taking it to the next level.

The Wanderglade Advantage

  • Community-Driven: Built on the foundation of Vanly’s trusted network of travelers and hosts.

  • Nature-Centric: Every Wanderglade location is chosen for its natural beauty and potential for rejuvenation.

  • Seamless Experience: User-friendly platform that makes booking your digital detox retreat as easy as finding a Vanly spot.

  • Holistic Approach: We’re not just offering accommodations; we’re curating experiences that promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

The Vanly-Wanderglade Connection

Many of you in the Vanly community are already outdoor enthusiasts. You know the value of disconnecting and the joy of discovering new places. Wanderglade is our way of extending that experience beyond your van.

Here’s how we see Vanly and Wanderglade complementing each other:

  • Extended Stays: Use Vanly for your road trip parking needs, then book a Wanderglade spot for a longer, deeper disconnect when you need it.

  • Community Crossover: The trust and community we’ve built with Vanly will be the foundation for Wanderglade. Expect the same level of vetting and quality you’ve come to expect from us.

  • Outdoor Expertise: Your adventures and stories have shaped our understanding of what makes a great outdoor experience. We’re channeling all of that into Wanderglade.

What’s In It For You?

As valued members of the Vanly community, you’re at the heart of this new venture:

  • First Dibs: Vanly users get priority access to Wanderglade listings.

  • Seamless Integration: Use Vanly for your road trip pit stops, Wanderglade for your extended nature escapes.

  • Community Crossover: Meet fellow disconnection enthusiasts. Share stories. Build connections.

  • Exclusive Offers: Special discounts and packages for Vanly users on Wanderglade bookings.

The Road Ahead

As we embark on this new journey with Wanderglade, we’re excited to tackle the unique challenges of the outdoor hospitality space. We’ve learned from Vanly that creating meaningful connections isn’t just about providing a service – it’s about fostering a community and a shared ethos.

We’re launching in Upstate New York. Why? Because if anyone needs to unplug, it’s the high-strung, overworked urbanites of the Big Apple. By summer/fall 2024, we’ll be their portal to peace, their expressway to exhale.

Our goal? By 2025, we want “taking a Wanderglade” to be synonymous with digital detox.

Join the Wanderglade Movement

Are you ready to take your love for disconnection to the next level? Here’s how you can be part of the Wanderglade revolution:

  • Visit Wanderglade to sign up for early access and exclusive updates.

  • Share your ideas for the perfect digital detox retreat - your input will shape Wanderglade’s offerings.

  • Spread the word - let’s grow this community of mindful travelers together.

The Bottom Line

Vanly showed the world that home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling. Wanderglade will prove that connection doesn’t require Wi-Fi.

To the Vanly community: thank you. You’ve been the beta testers for a revolution you didn’t even know was coming. You’re not just users; you’re co-creators. Every parking spot you’ve shared, every connection you’ve made, has shaped this vision.

Vanly isn’t going anywhere. It’s growing. Evolving. And you’re growing with it.

So, are you ready to expand your empire of disconnection?

Your next adventure begins now. And this time, it’s taking you even further off the grid.

Welcome to Wanderglade. Let’s disconnect to reconnect, together.


Founder, Wanderglade by Vanly

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