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Fighting loneliness as a Vanlifer

Being on the road by yourself shouldn’t mean feeling lonely all the time!

By Esteban Ramirez

June 22nd, 2021

van on open road

Vanlife is often seen as something reserved only for introverted people. Being on the road by yourself produces a view of wanting to be alone all the time. However, Vanlifers have a completely different experience. Vanlife makes you cherish the handful of interactions you have. Those who have embraced the lifestyle before can tell you that feeling lonely is a common experience. Here’s how you can avoid feeling lonely while traveling alone. 

Tour the Environment

person on top of mountain

This one might sound too simple to be on the list, but never forget to leave your van. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard is to remember a van is where you sleep, not where you live! Especially if you’re parked in one place for a while, approach it like an apartment. Go running, biking, skiing, practically anything that would take up your time. As long as you’re checking out the area you’re staying in, you’ll feel more in touch with the land. 

Exploring Yourself

journaling in the woods

One of the most important aspects of vanlife is being comfortable with yourself. Living a minimalist lifestyle on the road isn’t an easy task if you don’t know your own needs. Journaling could be the foundation for you to figure yourself out. Try to figure out what causes you to feel lonely in the first place. From there, piece together how to prevent or how you can embrace it!

Local Events/Restaurants

People at restaurant

Take advantage of the local scene so you can connect more with the community. Open yourself up to meeting new people. Without a doubt, it’s easier said than done. Like almost everything though, the more you practice the easier it’s going to be. At the end of the day, it’ll benefit you. Check out some breweries in the area, or go to a coffee shop and look for their bulletin board. There’s usually promotion for events in the area.

Find Fellow Vanlifers

Vans in a circle

Talking to people that are doing similar things will be easier to spark conversations. Having shared experiences is a pleasant connection to have. You can always find fellow vanlifers through staying on their driveways with Vanly. Hosts range from long-time vanlifers to people just starting to build their van! Talking to them can also pave the way for a more local approach to living on the road, since they can recommend restaurants, hikes, and what to do in the area. 

Socializing can be tough, and super draining at times. Take breaks when you need to. Just snuggle up in your van or drive somewhere new!  You might be traveling alone, but remember, you don’t have to feel lonely while on the road. Use these few simple ways to start putting yourself out there!

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