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Apple Picking in Style: Best Orchards to Visit in Your Campervan

Grab some crates and hit the open campervan road to these prime apple picking spots across the USA this fall 🍎🧺

By Ringo

August 29th, 2023

Campervan in an orchard

Hello, Vanlifers! 🍎🚐 So, you've mastered the art of living in a van, but have you ever tried apple picking in one? That's right, it's apple season, and we're here to take you on a juicy journey to find the crispiest, most scrumptious apples you can pick straight from the tree. But we're not just talking any apple-picking adventure—we're talking apple picking, Vanly style!

1. Hood River, Oregon

Digital art inspired by Hood River, OR

A River Runs Through It... And Apples Too!

Ah, the Pacific Northwest—home to grunge music, endless rain, and some of the best apples in America. Hood River is known as the windsurfing capital of the world, but it also has orchards galore.

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What to Do

Navigate your van through picturesque landscapes until you find your perfect apple-picking spot. Don't forget to try the local cider; it's the apple of Hood River's eye!

2. Julian, California

Digital art of a man picking apples

Apple Pie, Oh My!

Julian, a quaint town tucked away in the Cuyamaca mountains, is famous for its apple pies. But why buy when you can pick your own and make a pie in your van’s kitchenette?

What to Do

After filling your basket, check out some of the local shops or take a hike. The town is as sweet as the apples it produces.

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3. Ellijay, Georgia

Apple orchard

The Apple of Georgia's Eye

Ellijay is the apple capital of Georgia, y'all! Get ready for Southern hospitality and apples that are sweeter than a Georgia peach.

What to Do

Attend the annual Georgia Apple Festival or take a scenic drive through the Appalachian foothills. And let's not forget about the apple bobbing—Georgia style!

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4. Door County, Wisconsin

Apple picking in Door County, Wisconsin

Cheeseheads and Apple Beds

Wisconsin isn’t just about cheese and the Packers. Door County has a surprising variety of apples that are perfect for picking—and yes, you can do it while wearing a cheesehead if you wish.

What to Do

Explore the orchards by day, and enjoy a lakeside bonfire by night. Door County offers a unique blend of Midwestern charm and scenic beauty.

5. Warwick, New York

apple picking in new york

The Big Apple's Little Apple

Just a short drive from NYC, Warwick offers an apple-picking experience that's as diverse as the city itself, from traditional McIntosh to exotic Zestar apples.

What to Do

The area is also known for its wineries, so why not make it an apple and wine weekend? (Responsibly, of course!)

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The Vanly Touch

Now you may be thinking, "Sure, apple picking is great, but how does Vanly fit into all this?" Good question, my savvy friend! With Vanly, you can find private property listings near these orchards where you can park your van for the night. Imagine waking up to a sunrise over an apple orchard, hot coffee in hand, and the smell of fresh apples in the air. That's what we call apple picking in style!

So there you have it, folks! Five fabulous orchards to get your apple-picking game on point—all while enjoying the comforts of your home-on-wheels. Remember, an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a Vanly stay will make your day! Let us help you turn a basic autumn activity into an apple-picking adventure you won't forget.

Ready to roll? Let Vanly be the Johnny Appleseed to your vanlife journey. 🍎🚐

Happy apple picking, vanlifers! 🌟

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