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10 Epic Road Trips to Make You Smile from Ear to Ear

From stunning scenery to quirky roadside oddities, these routes will have you grinning all the way!

By Ringo

August 1st, 2023

roadtrip map

Grab your campervan or RV and get ready to grin from ear to ear! In honor of National Smile Week, we've mapped out 10 road trips across America that will have you beaming with joy the whole drive.

From wacky roadside attractions to stunning natural wonders, these routes take you on a journey to discover quirky landmarks guaranteed to make you laugh and smile until your cheeks hurt. Put that campervan in drive and get ready to make some happy memories!

Route 66 - The Mother Road

There's no route more iconic than the good ol' Mother Road. Cruise the entire 2,448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles and experience Americana at its finest. Flash back to the 1950s with neon-lit diners, retro motels, and roadside oddities galore. Snap selfies with larger-than-life attractions like the Gemini Giant and Cadillac Ranch. You'll be grinning from ear to ear the whole classic drive.

route 66

Pacific Coast Highway - California Vibes

Joyful ocean vistas, towering redwoods, and beach towns brimming with character await on the Pacific Coast Highway. Take the coastal route from San Diego to San Francisco and soak up those Cali good vibes. Instagram that golden stretch of Highway 1 at Big Sur. Go wine tasting in Santa Barbara. Have a laugh browsing the offbeat shops of Carmel. This scenic ride is feel-good fuel for the soul.

big sur

Overseas Highway - Florida Keys

Drive the Overseas Highway through the tropical Florida Keys for smiles as endless as the shimmering waters around you. Feel the breeze as you cruise over marathon bridge after bridge. Feed the feral chickens running amok in Key West. Snap selfies at the southernmost point buoy. Visit Hemingway's house of friendly polydactyl (extra-toed) cats. This 113-mile route is full of quirky encounters guaranteed to make you grin.

Florida keys

Extraterrestrial Highway - Nevada

Seeking out-of-this-world roadside fun? Cruise down Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway as you drive from Las Vegas to Rachel near the mysterious Area 51. Make pit stops at wacky alien-themed attractions like the Alien Research Center and Little A'Le'Inn. Try your luck at spotting UFOs above the desert landscape. Just don't get abducted! This otherworldly route offers tons of laughs.


Route 20 - Massachusetts to Oregon

America's longest coast-to-coast route takes you on a smile-filled 3,365-mile journey. Traverse 12 states as you cruise from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon. Marvel at the technicolor sandstone cliffs of Wyoming's Bighorn Canyon. Soak in idyllic views on the Pacific Crest. Snap selfies with larger-than-life roadside statues. Enjoy this epic cross-country adventure through the heart of the USA.

Route 20

Great River Road - 10 States

Follow the mighty Mississippi River through 10 states and over 3,000 miles of Americana. Feel the beats of jazz and blues in New Orleans and Memphis. Explore river town history and hit up quirky cafés and shops. Appreciate the sweeping river valley vistas. Can't wipe the smile off your face as you experience the best of Middle America's waterfront communities.


Hana Highway - Hawaii

Get your grin on as you take the winding road to Hana on Hawaii's lush east coast. Pass gingerbread cottages, hidden waterfalls, and jaw-dropping coastlines. Bop along to the Road to Hana playlist. Make friends with the local chickens. Swing yourself silly at Garden of Eden Arboretum. Treat yourself to banana bread in the tiny town of Hana. This drive is overflowing with aloha spirit.


Historic Columbia River Highway - Oregon

History and natural beauty combine on this riverfront route through the Columbia River Gorge. Marvel at gushing waterfalls like multitiered Multnomah Falls. Stop at the historic Vista House with its postcard panoramas. Snap selfies in front of the twin tunnels. Take a fruit-picking break at the orchards of Hood River Valley. Outdoorsy vibes and gorgeous scenery give this drive major smile power.

Historic Columbia River Highway

Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina & Virginia

Watch your worries melt away as you cruise the jaw-dropping Blue Ridge Parkway. Stop often to take in the panoramic Appalachian mountain landscapes. Hike through wildflower meadows. Enjoy impromptu musical performances at the folk art center. Watch artisans craft blown glass, quilts, and woodworks. The culture and community along this route will lift your spirits.


Natchez Trace Parkway - Mississippi to Tennessee

Retrace the steps of pioneers along this peaceful 444-mile route. Check out fascinating Native American history as you wind your way northeast through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Snap photos at the scenic lookouts. Picnic in the tranquility of the shady trace. Smile at the small-town Southern hospitality found along the way. The Natchez Trace Parkway imparts serenity on any road tripper.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your sunglasses and hit the road on one of these feel-good routes across America for National Smile Week. Don't forget to blast the happy tunes, meet local characters, and make pit stops for photo ops! Return home with memories guaranteed to keep you grinning ear to ear. Happy trails!

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